Monday, August 20, 2012

Looking Back at PSU

Nice view of a green mountain
Looking back at my time at PSU I would like to offer some insight to future interns of the school.

First ,having a car is a very good idea if you like to see the sights and if you would like to go anywhere outside of walking distance ,as there is not public transportation, other than the Concord Lines bus to Boston and Manchester for about $40.00 round trip.

Second, be prepared to work without much guidance from the other managers there. Our preceptor was helpful, but working with everyone else, you had to bring your own questions and peruse them to teach you things. Also be prepared to work without a structured outline of your time. It is good if you have strong time management skills and need little to no help with projects.

Also try and schedule the field trips as EARLY as possible. I had trouble getting in touch with a few of the sites and it came down to the wire with one of them, booking it only 3 days before the end of the internship.

Over all try and research the schools you are interested in and connect with the people who were interns before you. It is good to see how that school will benefit you and your vision for your career path.

Take Care and good luck future interns!

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