Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Week 6/7: Northern Michigan University

During the week of July 4th, not much was going on in the office between vacation days and staggered scheduling. I enjoyed the holiday in Marquette, and saw the parade in town. 

The next week however, was not so slow. I was extremely busy planning for the NACUFS Picnic, which is on July 26th. The date has really come fast, and I can’t wait to host the picnic. The marketing coordinator for dining helped me design an invitation, and we sent in the order for the invites to printing services.

While the office was busy, the kitchens were rather empty, so I took the opportunity to do some testing for gluten-free and vegan recipes. I made a carrot cake using coconut flour and homemade cream cheese icing. Hopefully NMU can use the new recipe during the school year.

Later in the week, Robin and I had a diet consult with a patient experiencing insulin resistance, or Type 2 Diabetes. It was rewarding to be able to meet with the patient and offer her advice on changes to her diet that would ultimately make her better. Robin gave me the opportunity to explain some of what Type 2 Diabetes does to the body, and it was a great teaching experience.

Over the weekend, Robin and I went on three farm tours. Two of the farms grew flowers, and were so gorgeous. The third farm we went to was a huge vegetable and chicken farm. It looked like a ton of work, and I was thankful to not be a farmer during those hot days. We got some free produce and enjoyed our fresh dinner. 

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