Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Week 8: Northern Michigan University

Week 8 proved to be exceptionally busy with the picnic approaching, as well as the end of the summer. Most of my efforts were directed towards planning and meeting with various staff about the picnic. I addressed and sent out all of the invitations on Monday and Tuesday. I met with a few chefs to review my menu and insure I would have enough food. After the menu was finalized and approved, I had to make up a grocery list to order so that the food would arrive by Monday (to be on the safe side). The kitchens already had about half of the ingredients I needed, but I still ended up ordering quite a bit of food.

Before I sent in the order to our prime vendor, I got in contact with the local food co-op because they have a Hoop House that grows vegetables. I was able to get all the cucumbers, basil, and green peppers that I needed for my recipes from the hoop house, which was a great way to support local agriculture.

After the food was ordered, I had to pick out dinnerware and go over decorations. I hadn’t even considered decorations at this point, so luckily Sally, a veteran caterer, had some suggestions for my picnic. I decided to keep everything simple, so I didn’t need to pick out too many decorations.

On Thursday, I had yet another diet consult, and Robin again encouraged me to educate the patient. It was another diabetes patient, so I had the hang of explaining the disease by then, but it was just as rewarding as the first time. I also made Rice Noodles again! 

On Friday, I was had a tour of the Marquette General Health System, which is the local hospital in Marquette. I had the opportunity to shadow four different dietitians who all work there. The first dietitian worked in the inpatient area, and we saw several patients with different dietary needs. The second dietitian worked in the clinical pediatric department. She showed me a few of the more interesting cases she’s had in the past two years, and her main point was to show me that no two cases in pediatric dietetics are the same. The third dietitian I shadowed was also a certified diabetes educator, so I learned the extent of her job and how she interacts with the doctors in the hospital. And the fourth dietitian I shadowed was in charge of all the operations in the kitchen.

The day spent at MGHS was very interesting and educational. The most exciting part of the tour was seeing firsthand just how versatile a dietitian’s role can be, depending on what area they choose to work in. 

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